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Steve Thomas


Steve Thomas is an industry veteran who has 32 years of working in all facets of the construction industry. His goal is to use his experience and vision to drive the growth of the company and build lasting relationships.

Jennifer Longstreet
Vice President of Business Partnerships

Jennifer Longstreet began her career in the construction industry 27 years ago and immediately fell in love with the industry and has never looked back.

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Manuel Aguilar


Manuel is Flex-Erect’s Fractional CFO. His primary focus is guiding Flex-Erect’s strategic business growth through financial management and closely aligned accounting processes. 

Steven Hickman

General Superintendent

Steven has been in the steel erection industry for over 25 years. He enjoys watching the project go up and seeing the finished product and knowing he had a part in it. He enjoys teaching people that are willing to learn and investing in them. He encourages them to grow.

Ronald Martin


Ronald is a veteran of the United States Air Force. His military experience provides the structure, discipline, and ability to work under pressure - all necessary skills for a successful estimator. 

Ed Smith


Ed brings over 40 years of experience in the steel erection industry working in the field as a Foreman, a craft educator, and as a quality control manager. Ed works diligently to find projects Flex-Erect can add their superior touch to.

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Chris Littleton

Chris has 3 years of experience as an estimator in the steel fabrication and erection industry. As an estimator, his attention to detail and problem-solving skills serve him well. 

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Chris Smith

Project Manager

Chris has worked in the steel erection industry for over 17 years. His experience in field operations allows him to visualize a project's complexity and understand the needs of our clients. As our project manager, his experience will lead to successful project completions.

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Sylvia Salinas
Team Administrator

Sylvia is a dedicated and hardworking member of the Flex-Erect team. She has worked in construction for 5 years and her communication and productivity make Sylvia an asset to the team.  

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Regis Conlin
Assistant Project Manager

Regis is a graduate of West Virginia University's Industrial Engineering program and has 1-year experience in the construction industry. Regis previously worked in titanium manufacturing but is excited about his transition to construction and Flex-Erect. 

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Gerardo Reyes
Assistant Project Manager

Gerardo is new to the construction industry and previously worked in sales. He is constantly excited to learn as much as he can about construction and is a dedicated team member.  

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Our Team

Our Team
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