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Our foundation is built on the relationships we establish through trust with our commitment to hard work and integrity on our projects, in our teams, and in our communities. We are PROUD to deliver the highest quality steel and ornamental erection to the partners we work with.


We strive to be an exceptional corporate citizen. We take PRIDE in our employees and want to see each and every one succeed and prosper, we want them to grow with the company and always go home to their families safely. We want to partner with our local communities to help those around us flourish just as we have.


Flex-Erect is a Structural Steel, Miscellaneous Metals, Ornamental/Architectural Iron, Precast, and Tilt Wall erector. We partner with our clients and provide services for all of their steel erection needs. Flex-Erect delivers a quality project, regardless of the dollar amount.


Founded in 2005 with two employees, Flex-Erect completed several smaller projects in the first months of the company before the first major project hit. Through existing relationships, Flex-Erect secured the new FBI Building in Houston and hired four more employees to start the project. Through the diligent work of the young team, they proved themselves, and the original scope was increased several times before the final project completion. This is all Flex-Erect needed and the young company was off to the races. The FBI project launched Flex-Erect and proved that we could handle any project’s unique opportunities.

In 2015, the original owner approached Steve Thomas about joining the Flex-Erect team as Vice President of Operations after several years of working in a GC/Subcontractor relationship. After several years of growth and discussion, Steve agreed to purchase Flex-Erect. In November 2019, the final agreement was reached and the company changed hands.


The foundation of Flex-Erect today is the desire to build a relationship-driven team, treat team members as family, and deal with all employees and clients with respect and dignity.

As we move Flex-Erect forward, we will grow our experience and team, just as when the company started, with a persistent desire to build long-lasting, fruitful relationships, and a commitment to working with integrity while building quality projects and leaving our company, employees, and community better served.

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Structural steel erection is about precision, impacting not only the quality and durability of the finished project — but the safety of all involved. That’s why our approach to delivering excellence starts long before our crews arrive on site. We work with our customers to define scopes, sequences, schedules, and complete reviews for buildability. This helps provide a firm footing to complete tasks quickly, economically, and as safely as possible.

Our team's experience further highlights our dedication and flexibility to our clients. Miscellaneous Metal Installation is the work that often is never seen. It is not glamorous but it is essential to the success of any project. We have the expertise, equipment, and manpower to complete any size miscellaneous project, whether it is a single rail on a ramp or a high-rise building. Our years of experience help us plan a path with your team to complete your project successfully.

Our team of experts has years of experience installing ornamental iron and glass. We believe our team is the best in the industry.  We utilize our skills to bring our client's visions to reality. We can work with any medium imaginable; stainless steel, bronze, glass, or anything in between. We understand that the installation of these finished products stands between the completion and opening of the facility. We work with efficiency and skill to complete this specialty work in the time that makes your deadlines possible.

Our team is highly seasoned in the tilt wall erection process. We know that organization and collaboration are imperative to the success of erecting, bracing, and permanently connecting the panels. The primary focus is on safety and pre-planning. All these factors are critical to the success of the project. Our team is well-versed in safely and successfully executing the scope.



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